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You Can't Cut Your Losses: A Castrati Karaoke Hour

Performance, 2016

You Can't Cut Your Losses

After stumbling across some research on 17th Century Castratos; I discovered that at one point in time around 3,000 boys were being castrated a year and only about 12 of them would be able to do anything substantial with their training and talent.

Having grown up as a daughter of an opera singer, I've lived with someone who has had a highly developed musical training to a point of intimidation. Seeing her struggles made me turn my back on any musical appreciation and develop an interest in visual arts.

I started to develop this character of "the loser castrati", someone who puts a bunch of effort into their art form, has sacrificed everything and still has nothing. In order to present this character, I put the narrative within the fairy tale of Pinocchio (another character forced into a career path based off of physical changes imposed by family members) and a crappy lounge act.

I additionally sing with my mother as part of this narrative and worked with my father developing the make-up.

This performance was developed and performed at PAM, an art residency in Highland Park.



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