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Bass Ghost Shop

Performance artist and anti-social practice artist Molly Jo Shea embraces her change in location from Los Angeles to the South by recreating a Bass Pro Shop as a Haunted House for Yes We Cannibal during the month of October. Inspired by American pageantry and the commodification of survivalist aesthetics, this Haunted Bass Ghost Shop will be a collection of objects, merchandise, and installations from Shea and fiends. In this version of BPS, the clientele has left and the taxidermy has come alive for Halloween to talk about the store they look over and their lost time in the woods. Videos, murals, ceramics, and products merge together to tell a broader story of toxic masculinity, but also as a genuine appreciation for man's attempt at communing with nature (despite the avenues to this interaction slowly being commodified and deteriorating). Pulling in Shea's personal experiences with teaching herself to fish, meeting outdoorsy folks, creating pottery with her gunsmith ex-boyfriend, and being guided through Southern living; the universal becomes personal and the great outdoors, indoors. 

Opening will be October 13th from 6:00 - 9:00 PM. 

Come to the Halloween party on October 28/9th dressed as a hunter or a taxidermied animal. Beef Jerky cocktails and cornbread will be available for purchase. Performance by Cooter the Opossum and night janitor will take place at 7:00 PM. 


An audio installation map of the real BPS will be available for a walking tour of the Denham Springs location. 

Artists Involved

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