Gong Show ~Documentation Coming Soon!!!

Trailer for Gong Show performance series, logo by Michelle Andrade.

Second night of Gong Show in full. Host Nicholas Francomano

Boats Against the Current

Eastside International is pleased to present artists, Dan Regenstreif Axe, McLean Fahnestock, Nicholas Johnston, William Lamson, Barry Markowitz and Ben White in a group exhibition conceptually grounded in the nature of voyages.These voyages range, some in a literal sense of leaving one’s home to pursue the unknown, others a more philosophical voyage- trying to expand mental horizons and going beyond what is comfortable.

Often living on the thrill of pursuit versus the end destination, these artists take this mental space and apply to their art practice.Some of the artists have heavy-research backgrounds, rooted into figureheads who have pushed through opposition, logic, physical limitations and even have endangered others around them to fulfill theses treks. Others have embodied this siren-song within their own practice- physically and mentally pushing themselves into the abyss.The nature of exploration is manifested in a variety of ways- sculptures, paintings, video performance and installation will be on display.


Artist and Co-Director of Eastside International, Molly Jo Shea, brings these artists from different continents of thought to present artwork that grapples with the conceptual and physical sense of venturing into the unknown often towards seemingly trivial pursuits. Boutez en avant. Manifest Destiny. Boats Against the Current. 

HIATUS SERIES February-August 2015


Hiatus Series Hiatus was a series put on at space formerly known as Raid Projects before turning into ESXLA in which the time between shows and during shows gets utilized. This was a series ephemeral in nature and geared more towards pop-up shows, performance, video screenings, workshops, readings, artist lectures and things experimental in nature. Shows were installed usually same day of showing and quick in nature.

Events Included:

            -Corrie Siegel’s Star Tours pop-up truck installations, dining experience.

            -Cindy Rehm’s Love Kills Valentines Day Party, video screening, and performance night. With artists: Josh Atlas, Agathe Bray-Bourret, Phoebe Collings-James, Willia Drew, Brittany Southworth-LaFlamme, Nina Lassila, Lilly McElroy, Cindy Rehm, Gabi Vru,Clare Kelly, Christy Roberts Berkowitz and Chelsea Rector

            -Evans Vestal Ward’s Photography Show and Performance Gloryhole: Architecture of Desire

            -Baumtest Issue #2 Launch and Exhibition featuring: Geoff Tuck,Anna Reutinger,Eva Seiler,Emi Kuriyama,Suzanna Zak,Christine Haroutounian,Rafa Esparza, and Iris Yirei Hu.

            -Michael Vallera’s photography show USA Self.

            -SAIC’s Peche Kucha Night featuring fast-paced art lectures from: Calvin Phelps, Charlie Schneider, David Prince,Jorge Mujica, Steve Daly and co-curator, Steven Frost.

            -Dominic Quagliozzi’s intimate performance based on a necessary lung transplant need due to cystic fibrosis, Medical History (Part Two).

            -Moves a night of dance and music performance featuring 1ers, JIZZY, Don Dripper, Alice Lang, Zack Kleyn and FEEL Collins.

            -Mike McLain’s exhibition Spirits in the Material World featuring Shiva Aliabadi, Virginia Katz, Aragna Ker, Zach Kleyn,Constance Mallinson,Dan Taulapapa McMullin, Gina Stepaniuk and Zapf!

            -<< >> How To an inter-continental collaboration between Los Angeles based artist, Sonya Masinovsky and French artists Elise Carron and Vincent Puricelli

            -New Views: Landscape Becomes Us fiber work and paintngs by Luke Forsyth and Morgan O’ Hara



​Dutch Door was an alternative art space inside of the Downtown Los Angeles' RAID Projects.
It hosted a number of experimental art shows and events.

Join us at Dutch Door within RAID Project for an evening of performance art with artists Karen Adelman Tracy Abbott Szatan and Carrie Mcilwain.

Performance One: "Se Va":Karen Adelman is an artist and vocalist based in Los Angeles. In 2012, USC granted her an MFA degree, which she left New York to get. She was born in New York. She apologizes, but right now she is very busy volunteering with her local animal rescue. In this performance, she will show slides from a recent trip to Colombia, and attempt to lead the audience in a call and response translated from music created on its Caribbean coast.

Performance Two: "Ritual Cleanse: Milk Bath" is part of a video and performance series in which the artist engages a variety of ritual purification practices. These studies reckon with the desire for a complete renovation and an aesthetic of failure that surfaces from an inevitable and often untranslatable shortcoming. The works in this series explore the physical, spiritual, and emotional desires for and ramifications of the obsession to constantly recreate.

Tracy Abbott Szatan is a multimedia artist and writer currently based in Los Angeles. Her work considers questions of visibility and communicability, and the narratives that groups and individuals create to construct themselves and their worlds. She earned her B.A. in Modern Culture & Media from Brown University and moved to Los Angeles because she hates the sun.

Performance Three: "You Cant Deconstruct a Dance Party"
Carrie Mcilwain will create an audience participatory performance examining the themes: The Chase, Forced Intimacy and Dancing, in an attempt to kick off the Dutch Door after dance party. Expect Sweat and a hot mess.


July 21st, 2013 @ Dutch Door- FB PAGE

Finished in LA Show

Finished in L.A. featured a variety of perspectives dealing with the apocalypse in Los Angeles. Showcasing paintings, drawings, sculptures, video and performance art; this is a swan song for our existence. In addition to being the end of the world, it is also the end of the Countdown Series at Dutch Door. After 9 weeks in a row of performance art every Sunday with 10 different artists and a bevy of approaches, this was an experiment about community, coping and consistency. Objects from the series, as well as video and additional works about our demise were presented at Raid Projects.

The Countdown Artists:
Sam Davis
Tiffany Smith
David Lucas Bell
Molly Jo Shea
Amy Day
Devin Kenny
Nathan Bockelman 
Jay Erker
Ivette Soler

Additional Work By:
Wes Johansen
Lyle Perkins
Paul Evans
Catalina Niculescu
Zach Kleyn 
Hilary Huckins-Weidner

Curated by Molly Shea

Past Event Images


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