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CRISPR INSTITUTE: Clustered Regularly Spaced Performative Research Institute

As part of the CalArts Residency at The REEF, I will be creating programming and opportunities for bringing science and art communities together through research, workshops and lab/studio visits. With my own practice being so research-oriented, I am interested in creating dialogues surrounding the future of art and science and where theses fields overlap. The CRISPR Institute is a continuation of Donna Harraway's ideology of the Chthululscene, which is an attempt at ideological entanglements of inter-species collaborations in the shadow of the end of the Anthropocene. 

The CRISPR Institute will be working with these components as part of it's programming:

-An artist + scientist matchmaking service.

-Art workshops/ demos

-Visiting Scientists

-Artist lecturers

-Offsite fieldrips

-Curated nature excursions 

-Performance nights

-Art shows

If you are interested in becoming part of this project please reach out to: 

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